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Residential and Commercial Water Damage

Beverly Renovations and Restoration is specialized in Water Damage, testing and inspection in Toronto and GTA . At Beverly Restoration we can definitely help you in getting rid of the harmful effects of water damage, rotting, bad odor or anything else that needs to be corrected. Our expertise will make you delighted. We spring into action after your call by reaching at your house, ensure that water damage is restricted as much as possible, initiate a dry out of you the affected area as the first things.

Several ways water can damage your house.

  • Storm water gushing in
  • Sewer backup flood
  • A burst pipe
  • And perhaps an opened tap, which you forgot to turn off

The process of eliminating the damages caused by water require a high degree of expertise in the following; and we take pride in being highly skilled and experienced in all the areas

Beverly Restoration will help you in determining and deciding

  • Cause(s) of the flood, in order to not to let them causing flood again.
  • Cut off the water supply at the nearest point or the main shut off valve if you cannot locate it.
  • Determination of mold remedy is necessary.
  • In case of extensive damage your insurance company might require to pay for damages and repair, we can help you in establishing the contact with them with right information and estimates.
  • We also offer basement water proofing, foundation creack repairs and concrete work. .

We offer 24/7 Emergency Water Damage services in Toronto and GTA.

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